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I forgot my shelf password, can you help me recover it?
Due to the way Annals secures it's data, it's impossible for us to recover a forgotten password. We strongly recommend using a password manager, and we really like 1Password by Agilebits
How secure is Annals?
Annals security is detailed here
I created my password using 1Password for Mac, how do I get it to show up in the 1Password integration on iOS?
The 1Password extension on iOS can only look up login items. If you created it as a password, convert it to a login and use the following for the url: app://com.darkchocolatesoftware.annals Username and item name are unimportant, whatever you prefer


Why can I only share one recipe at a time over Twitter?
To share over Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (Mac), Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo and most third party services we have to upload the recipe to our server, and only support sharing one recipe at a time
Sending via Messages, Mail, AirDrop, and exporting to a file allows sharing of multiple recipes and books.
Why isn't the recipe image showing on Cardsrecip.es?
We upload the image for your recipe in the background seperate from the recipe so it doesn't hold up sharing a recipe, and this presently fails silently. We are looking at how to improve this behavior in the future.
Can I scale all recipes for a party or event?
Global scaling is controlled in the preferences for Cards
On the Mac, this can be found under the Cards menu.
On iOS this is found in the Preferences app under Cards.


Why can't I control my NXT or EV3 directly over bluetooth?
Apple's restrictions prevent direct connection to the NXT. The EV3 does have the ability for direct WiFi connection, but the bluetooth connection is restricted to Lego's app


Can I buy your Mac apps directly from you?
No, while we understand that not everyone likes the AppStore, in addition to the store's other benefits, one of Annals and Cards main features is iCloud sync which is only available to apps purchased through Apple's App Store
Do I have to buy both the iOS and Mac versions of your apps separate?
Unfortunately yes. Apple doesn't allow bundles that include both iOS and Mac apps at this time, otherwise we would offer such a bundle at a reduced price over the cost of the apps individually
How to keep my data locally after logging out of iCloud?
When iCloud is logged out, or iCloud documents & data is disabled, we immediately lose access to the data stored in iCloud.
To keep your data locally, log back into iCloud, disable iCloud syncing in our preferences, and when we ask you what to do with your data, answer ok to keeping it locally
Once this is done, you can log back out of iCloud, and your data will remain with your local device
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