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Apps made using pure, undiluted, cocoa
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Beautifully designed for your content

We designed cards from the ground up with the goal of presenting your recipes beautifully.
We took our time to make sure the UI was uncluttered, but still provide all the features a recipe app should have

Easy to use

Cards is easy to use, we worked to make sure that every piece of UI makes sense, and takes as few clicks as possible to get done what you need to


Cards stores it's data in iCloud, so you can add and edit recipes on your Mac, and share them with friends while on the go.
Don't want to use iCloud? We understand that not everyone wants it, so you can easily turn it off.

And of course, it's pure Cocoa

Cards supports lots of the cocoa features you've come to expect
Drag and drop
Beautiful printing
Easy sharing with all the built in services
Quicklook integration and more!