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Annals was designed from the ground up to protect your journals. Each shelf's master key is encrypted with a derived key from it's password, which in turn encrypts each item's unique key. For more information on Annal's security, see here

Easy to use

Annals is designed to be simple to use, and for those that work better with other fonts, sizes and colors, entry format is fully customizable

Your data is yours

Journals are easy to import and export in plain text, in both CSV and JSON
Our full backups are encrypted, and our data format is fully described if you needed to decrypt the data and we have disappeared


Annals can store it's data in iCloud, using CloudKit
Don't want to use iCloud? We understand that not everyone wants it, and it's use is completely optional

And of course, it's pure Cocoa

Annals supports lots of the cocoa features you've come to expect
Drag and drop
Beautiful printing
Easy sharing with all the built in services.