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It's finally time to announce what I've been up to for the last ten months. I have been developing Cards, a recipe app for your recipes, those recipes you've kept in card files and notebooks. The family BBQ sauce, the perfect lemon bars, and all those other wonderful recipes you loved growing up, but have never bothered to store in a better solution than a card in a box.

Cards is a recipe app that focuses on style as well as usability for creating and sharing your own recipes. It's styled as a blend of Mac and iOS, and has versions for both. And since it works on both iOS and Mac, iCloud will keep all of your devices in sync, so you always have your recipes with you.

Sharing the recipes I use and love was also an important thing to me, and Cards can share a recipe over any service, whether via a file or via a simple & anonymous web service at cardsrecip.es.

It's initial feature set is a bit bare bones, as I wanted to focus on recipes, syncing, and sharing, but I have many things in mind for future versions.

This space will be used mostly for news announcements, but also sometimes for articles of a technical nature.

Daniel Siemer