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Cards 1.3 Processing for App Store

What's in store for Cards 1.3? Well first up, there is the usual, bug fixes and improvements.

We also fixed that pesky full screen crash on OSX Yosemite

Improved iPhone 6 Plus support, with better landscape modes

For iOS we worked to improve our voice over accessibility throughout the app. It may still not be 100% awesome everywhere, and if you notice something not working, let us know and we will be sure to get it fixed for the next version.

Tired of creating new recipes accidentally? Or not finding where to type the name in? Now we ask for the recipe name at creation time, letting you cancel if you mis-hit the button

Now for the new shinyness! We added the ability to create custom convertible units. Live someplace where cooking unit's are a bit different? You can add those. Want to be able to convert between a 12 oz Can and a 16 oz Can? You can do that. Custom units are also synced over iCloud so all your devices get them

Email improvements! You can choose how to format the recipe in the email, either not include it, unformatted text, or shiny HTML, and of course you can include PDF and/or the Cards file as well. (On Mac, attachments don't work with HTML formatted text at this time)

And last, and certainly not least, a web importer! Simply hit the + button, enter the URL instead of the recipe name, and presto, we have the recipe! We only support a few sites right now, but we can add to and update those easily, without app store approval, just poke us on twitter @DarkChocSoft or drop us an email with the recipe site you want supported, or if one of the existing ones isn't working as expected!

List of initial websites

ps: On iOS, our display name had to change to Cards Recipes due to Apple's previously existing app "Cards" which hasn't been in the store for years.