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The great syncing rewrite

We apologize for the delay and removal of 2.0 from the App Store, the issue which appeared did not reveal itself during any testing, and was quite frustrating to resolve. But it is resolved now, and upgrade from the old iCloud syncing to the new one should go smoothly. And if it doesn't, feel free to contact us at support@darkchocolatesoftware.com, and we will work to resolve the issue with you.

Cards 2.0.1 is processing for the app store. The biggest feature is that we rewrote how we sync. This unfortunately meant dropping support for iOS 7 and OSX 10.9, and backwards syncing to Cards 1.x, but the benefits outweigh that. This is a free update, and while visually it doesn't look much different, it opens up more possibilities for the future

We still use iCloud so you still don't need an account elsewhere, but we now use CloudKit for storing the data in iCloud. CloudKit is how Apple's own apps sync most of their data, and is a much better method. Also, the code that actually does the syncing is ours now, so that if things do go wrong, debugging and fixing it will be easier.

In addition we now support many iOS 9 features, including iPad multi tasking and spotlight.

And of course bug fixes and improvements to layout on all platforms.

Additionally, we have 2 brand new apps, an Apple Watch App and an AppleTV App (coming soon)

  • The Apple Watch app displays recently viewed recipes and is included with Cards for iOS 2.0
  • The AppleTV version of Cards will be a viewer only for now, future updates will add at least limited editing, and hopefully full creation

The AppleTV app is universal and will be a free addition if you own the iOS app already.

Finally Cards is dropping to the $5.00 dollar price tier permanently, and the $3.00 dollar tier till the end of the year.

Oh, and one more thing, iNXT will be joining the fold here soon, more on that in the near future