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Completely rewritten from the ground up

iNXT Remote started out in 2009 as a way to teach myself both iOS programming, and application programming in general. It was a hobby project, and hampered by not being able to communicate directly with the NXT. Despite this, I improved and added features for a time, including support for the second generation NXT firmware and sensors. Eventually other projects took priority, and while I never forgot about iNXT, I won't deny, I dropped the ball on it, and it broke badly with iOS 8.

iNXT 3.0 is a complete rewrite from the ground up, and it took a lot longer than I wanted it to, but those other projects and obligations kept stealing attention from it. This new version has all the major feature of the previous versions, as well as support for the EV3.

It supports some more sensor types, and has a more refined interface, the actions you can do on a file for instance are now just a swipe away. Additionally, while I still can't do direct bluetooth connection to the NXT, and I haven't gotten approval (yet) for direct bluetooth connection to the EV3, there is support for direct wifi connection to the EV3 using a Lego supported wifi adapter.

iNXT Bridge

In addition, I have rewritten NXT Bluetooth Bridge as iNXT Bridge, and put it in the App Store, and it now supports forwarding commands to the NXT, and EV3 over both USB and Bluetooth.

Available on iTunes and the Mac App Store