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The great ingredient editing rewrite

This took far longer than it should have, but ingredient editing has been overhauled on both iOS and Mac. Additional improvements have been made to editing in general on iOS.

iOS will no longer need to be in edit mode to add, edit, or delete a step, only to reorder them. The keyboard automatically comes up when selecting a step or ingredient to edit. Additionally it gained a unified ingredient entry line the same as the Mac version has had.

On the Mac, the ingredient edit popover now comes up properly on add ingredient.

On both Mac and iOS, there is a brand new multiple ingredient add option. On the Mac, simply right click any ingredient row and do "Add Ingredients" and on iOS just swipe the Add Ingredient row to the left to reveal Add Multiple. Then type your ingredient list in, one entry to a line and hit add. We split them, figure out amount, units and ingredient.

We have removed display of (US) when in the US at least, and added Australian tablespoons to our list of default units. iOS also gained a "None" option to quickly remove the text if you mistakenly picked a unit for an ingredient entry.

Behind the scenes, we fixed an issue with syncing of units in general. We also fixed a bug that could cause Quart to become Cup. Unfortunately any quarts which became cups are still cups, but it's fixed for the future.

On the AppleTV side, it gained some minor editing capabilities, and can now scale individual recipes, and adjust their servings.