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Annals, a secure, synced journal app

coming soon

Annals is a journal app that focuses on security, ownership, and syncing. Your data is yours, and you want it on all your devices, and you want it secure. Annals initial release focuses on basics, but I have plans for a lot of improvements in coming versions.

Annals syncs using your private CloudKit database (which no one but you can access) and iCloud, so your journals are available on all your devices without extra accounts. Further, your data is encrypted using per item keys protected by per shelf passwords.

We also support importing from and exporting to generic, unencrypted JSON and CSV.

For more information on the security design of Annals, see here

Cards 2.2

Cards 2.2 is in the works as well, but its a bit farther off. Printing is a primary improvement focus, with a new backend for generating printing allowing us greater flexibility, and a couple of new print styles.