Dark Chocolate Software, LLC
Apps made using pure, undiluted, cocoa

iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra are upon us, so it's time to update our apps and support shiny new features!

  • Both apps now have support for drag and drop on iPads!
  • Both apps have a much improved syncing engine based on API that was introduced in iOS 10 and macOS Sierra
  • Both apps have support for iPhone X

Cards 2.3!

  • Cards 2.3 does drop support for OS's older than iOS 10 and macOS 10.12. However Cards 2.3 will continue to sync just fine with 2.2 on older devices.
  • Fix a bug where duplicate recipes could result in duplicated steps and ingredients.
  • Spotlight integration on iOS 11 improved with previews on devices with 3d Touch.
  • Spotlight integration on macOS High Sierra including rich previews and direct linking
  • Many outdated API's upgraded and improved throughout the UI on macOS
  • Support for 4k Apple TV's

Annals 1.1!

  • Now with thumbnail view, trash can, and improved syncing
  • Added an option on iOS to only download attachments on demand on Cellular (on by default)
  • Entries soft locked against accidental editing after a day. Tap edit at the bottom of the entry on iOS or the top on macOS to edit.
  • Feedback on invalid password by shaking the lock ring
  • Entry list now has indication if the entry has images or attachments
  • Share images from the image viewer
  • Most password functions on iOS now offer password manager or TouchID to authenticate if available
  • Store original unaltered photos as attachments on iOS
  • Fixed crash in in migration to/from iCloud synced store
  • Fixed generic exporting date range filtering