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Annals 1.2 is here!

So what is QuickEntry? QuickEntry is a great new way to add journal entries quickly and securely. It is powered by public/private key encryption and is completely optional for those that would prefer to not use it. It can be enabled on a per shelf basis, and each device has a preference to enable QuickEntry on that device.

When it's enabled, we generate a key pair, the private key is encrypted with the shelf master key, and the public is left unencrypted. When an entry is made via QuickEntry, we encrypt the entry key with the public key. When you unlock the shelf, we decrypt these with the shelf private key and encrypt it with shelf master key.

QuickEntry also supports image attachments at this time, but not locations or tags.

QuickEntry on macOS uses a login item helper in the status menu, and supports setting a global hot key to quickly create your entry. This helper also handles syncing now, and is run whenever Annals runs, but is only in the status bar if you want it there.

QuickEntry on iOS can be accessed via quick actions on devices which support 3d Touch and via a button at the bottom of the Annals lock screen.

  • Improved the macOS image viewer some more
  • Replaced and improved ColorPicker on iOS, a simple picker for common colors, and a full HSB/RGB color picker for specifics
  • Fixed a bug in the exporter so that it doesn't display potentially wildly wrong numbers for what it is exporting.
  • Many other minor fixes

For more info on how QuickEntry works, see it's section in our security info page.