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Annals 2.0 is out and it's great!

Annals 2.0, an Annals for all ages! Annals 2.0 brings with it a number of new features to make your life better and easier and fancier. And of course there are bug fixes to a number of things (including FaceID)

Here are some of the great new features

  • First, a feature I've wanted since I first started on this, a calendar view in addition to the list view, to let me know how good (or bad) I am at keeping up with my journaling
  • Next is time zones! Because sometimes we move, or go globe trotting and want the time we wrote a post to be properly reflected in printouts
  • Last, and by no means least, generic file attachments. Attach any (non package) file to an entry. If you or the system has a quicklook plugin for that file type, you can view it right from within Annals.

Annals 2.0 for both iOS and macOS is free through the 15th, and just 1 dollar through the end of the month!

The security page has been updated with some new info on how it is handled

Also I apparently never wrote a post about Annals 1.3 and Cards 2.4 and their support of dark mode (Which is amazing!), their upgrades to Swift 4.2, and Annals addition of support for opening QuickEntry via Shortcuts.