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Cards 2.0.1 Dec 12, 2015

The great syncing rewrite

We apologize for the delay and removal of 2.0 from the App Store, the issue which appeared did not reveal itself during any testing, and was quite frustrating to resolve. But it is resolved now, and upgrade from the old...

Cards Temporarily removed from sale Dec 10, 2015

Cards 2.0 glitch

In to every life some rain must fall, and Cards 2.0 was supposed to launch today. The final test after release to app store revealed a glitch which did not appear in testing. This glitch is in a very important place, and as such we...

Cards 1.3 Available Now Apr 20, 2015

Cards 1.3 Processing for App Store

What's in store for Cards 1.3? Well first up, there is the usual, bug fixes and improvements.

We also fixed that pesky full screen crash on OSX Yosemite

Improved iPhone 6 Plus support, with better landscape modes

Cards 1.2 Oct 9, 2014

Cards 1.2 coming soon

Cards 1.2 is coming soon! And it brings with it support for iOS 8, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.

It also brings a speech action to both platforms, so now your recipes can be read back to you by Apple's great speech synthesizers...

Cards 1.1 for Mac Jun 10, 2014

Cards 1.1 for Mac (and soon iOS)

Cards 1.1 for Mac has been approved for release. This release's big feature is the ability to drag in a list of ingredients from other text documents (much like could be done with steps already), be they web sites...

Announcing Cards by Dark Chocolate Software Apr 28, 2014


It's finally time to announce what I've been up to for the last ten months. I have been developing Cards, a recipe app for your recipes, those recipes you've kept in card files and notebooks. The family BBQ sauce, the perfect lemon bars...

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